Smart Learning

Powered by the Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS), Ponddy creates Pondlets, modules of classroom-ready content, using the assistance of AI. Every month, new Pondlets are added to the library of Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks where they are interconnected via a network of learning elements that makes acquiring and retaining the language, the characters, and vocabulary faster.  The AI engine customizes lessons and gamification provides fun ways to practice and learn…MORE>

Our certified tutors are the only tutors who have full access to Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks. Students maximize learning as they engage with live instructors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based materials for a truly personalized learning experience. Ponddy offers curricula that are optimized with learning outcomes for students taking exams of various international standard, such as ACTFL, HSK, CEFR-TOCFL. Our curricula are recommended by the SC-TOP…MORE>

Submit any text and Ponddy AI will transform it into a lesson-ready content. Your content will have leveled vocabulary that matches various world standards for Chinese language assessments, such as ACTFL, HSK, CEFR-TOCFL. Powered by the Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS), your content will be interconnected via a network of learning elements that makes acquiring and retaining the language, the characters, and vocabulary faster…MORE>

Ponddy Mission

Create and commercialize the most effective life-long learning solutions, integrating machine learning technologies with exciting self-learning materials and live teachers, individually personalized for various age groups and professions across the globe.


Affinity Knowledge Learning System TM

Using our patent pending technology, the Affinity Knowledge Learning SystemTM (AKLS) groups and categorizes elements that share properties and often appear together into Word, Character and Radical Ponds. These affinity properties can increase both learning effectiveness and retention. AKLS incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that uses these affinity properties and other information to tailor the learning needs of individual students and optimize learning experience and results.

Founder and CEO

Franz Chen, Founder & CEO of Ponddy Education

“Chinese is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, but Ponddy provides a solution that simplifies the learning process for students and teachers. AI is transforming the way we think about education and our technology supports and shapes the classroom experience and learning outcomes in real time.”

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